5 Ravishing Must Know HTML5 Features

HTML5 is enhancing the platform of the World Wide Web by making it strong in a wide range of areas.HTML5 is regarded as the omnipresent platform of the web because of its extensive use in Mobile Development, Enterprises with specific Business Requirements or Serious Gaming Development. Unless HTML5 was invented the words Interactive, Fast, Secure, and Responsive were not associated with the web but with the awe striking features of HTML5 these words have been quite common in use. HTML5 has several cutting edge features which have eased the task of most of the application developers. It has become easy for website developers to create website with the performance, speed, functionality and experience of desktop applications with these HTML5 Features.

HTML5 has contributed to a great extent in accelerating the pace of your innovation allowing you to seamlessly roll out your latest work to all the users at the same time.HTMl5 has not only eased the job of web developers but as well for the users HTML5 has proved to be rocking. The advent of HTML5 has freed all the users from the difficulty of having to install apps on multiple devices. Users can simple run any new app the moment they click on an icon or a link. They need not bother about particulars like downloading the latest version and ensuring that they are working on the right version. The ease to carry their tools, data and entertainment wherever they go is just because of HTML5 ravishing features because they are no longer bound to any specific device.

Here is a list of few ravishing HTML5 features that adds to its functionality:

1) To Quote or Not to Quote


HTML5 is not like XHTML wherein you have to wrap all your attributes in quotations. With HTML5 there is no need to close the elements. Nevertheless there is nothing wrong if you close the elements in case you feel more comfortable including the quotes. It is up to you on as to how you want to make up your mind i.e. if you want to have a structured document in all ways then opt for including the quotes.

2) HTML5 Allow you to Make Your Content Editable


Most of the novel web browsers have attributes which can be applied to various elements known as Content editable. As the name of the element suggests this element privileges the user to edit the content of the text that is present inside the element including its children. This attribute has wide range of uses such as including an application that is as simple as the to-do-list that as well takes benefit of the local storage.

3) Inclusion of New Doc Type with HTML5

If you are still using pesky and impossible to memorize XHTML Doc type then you can get rid of this with the new HTML5 doc type. The novel HTML5 doc type can be used for web browsers which need to have a doc type and web browsers that do not have an understanding of this doc type will merely render the contained markup in standard mode. This devoid of any worry one can freely throw the caution to the wind & new HTML5 doc type.

4) Email Input Feature with HTML5


If we apply a kind of email to form inputs in that case you can instruct the web browser to allow only those strings which adhere to a valid email address. We cannot completely depend on the built in form validations and web browsers which do not understand this Email type are likely to fall back.

5) Audio Support with HTML5

With the advent of HTML5 there is no need of depending on any other third party plugins for rendering audio. HTML5 has the element which will allow for audio support in most of the recent web browsers. For the reason that all the browsers do not provide support for HTML5 Audio it is good to have a practice of offering some kind of backward compatibility. This attribute renders various audio controls such as play, pause & volume. It is a good habit to include text content in between the Audio element in case you web browser does not support it automatically the related alternate text would be displayed.