5 CSS Tools You Shouldn't Miss As a Web Designer and Developer

It’s no secret that CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is the key to creating visually pleasing, interactive and efficient web pages. Whether you’re a designer or a developer, creating a beautiful website requires you to work with CSS. Writing CSS is fairly easy, however, considering the ever-increasing demand of users to access best-in class websites you will need more than just a regular CSS to make it build a successful web solution.

Luckily, there are many amazing CSS tools, generators and resources available online for web designers, as well, as developers that helps in simplifying the job of creating and managing style sheets. The CSS tools help in creating highly functional and good-looking websites faster. While many tools are old, there are several others that are relatively new and might be even unknown to you.

Below is a collection of some great CSS tools that you shouldn’t miss to use as a web designer and developer:

1. Templatr

If you’re a novice and don’t have much knowledge about working with HTML or CSS to design a website, then the Templatr (also referred to as Template Generator) tool can help you create a layout. It offers several layouts and plenty of graphic stuff for creating a website in just a matter of a few seconds. While designers can make use of the tool to develop a website even without HTML knowledge, developers don’t require designer skills for designing their website using the Templatr tool.

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Typography plays a crucial role in making your website design visually appealing to the viewers eye. Also, it helps in communicating your brand message in an effective way to website visitors. CSS Type Set is an excellent typography tool that lets designers and developers experiment with their web content style, without having to write the CSS.

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As front-end developers, you can avail several benefits by using CSS over images. But, in turn, you will have to write plenty of code to reflect all of the layer styles in your code. This is where the CSS Hat tool comes to the rescue. It takes out the pain associated with converting Photoshop design into CSS. The tool helps in translating Photoshop layer styles into CSS without writing a single line of code, in no time.

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Do you want to make the process of creating a scalable and accessible CSS a breeze? In that case, Em Calculator CSS tool will best suit your needs. It is a small JavaScript tool that helps in converting a given text size, based on pixel values, to relative em units.

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Testing CSS automatically can give you a hard time. Such a problem can be resolved using two approaches. While one approach requires making a programmatic comparison of images (including screen shots and images produced from URLs in a dynamic fashion). Essentially, the CSS-test tool allows to spot changes that crops up in unexpected areas of the layout and design of a site. In addition, the tool gives you the capability to extract rendered DOM values (like text size) from a web page, and allows comparing those values against the expected ones. This tool can be used by designers and developers to perform regression and assertion-based testing of CSS. You can access the tool from github and get started to write tests against CSS.

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Let’s Wrap Up!

You can write the CSS manually or can make use of available CSS tools to create, design or edit a CSS in a hassle free manner. Of course, the latter choice will prove an excellent option for the designing and development community, as CSS tools help takes out the stress involved in performing varied CSS tasks – be it creating a CSS style, or turning layer styles to CSS without hand-coding, and so on.

Reading the post will help you know about 5 amazing CSS tools that will certainly cut short a lot of your CSS work. However, keep exploring the web for other CSS tools as well.

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