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  • CSS Frameworks Archives – Web Developer Juice

    You will not find anything much better than programming nowadays in the modern era of Drupal, WordPress and Joomla powered websites. In this day and age Scripting is pretty easy to be modified and it is possible for all the web developers… More

  • How to : Create a Website Using jQuery

    Web developers that still believe in creating code manually can really benefit from using jQuery to develop a website. It’s not a web wizard, but it defnitely makes coding much easier. Anyone that has manually coded a webpage may be familiar with HTML and Javascript. Advanced developers may even have some knowledge of ASP and…

  • amazon cloud Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Digitalocean or AWS: Picking a cloud service for your application or website can be a daunting task. In this article, we’ll provide you detailed info about both of these platforms that will help you pick the one that’s excellent for you. Both… More

  • add files Archives – Web Developer Juice

    CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), the style sheet language is most commonly added to website pages that are written in XHTML and HTML. This language can also be applied to all kinds of XML documents including XUL and SVG. This explains the importance… More

  • blog Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Running a blog over WordPress is seemingly an easy thing to do. The open-source and guided nature of this Content Management System helps inexperienced bloggers glide through the entire journey of setting up their own blog, running it smoothly, and troubleshooting any… More How Penguin will Affect your Blog? The bottom line is that it…

  • ZK Ajax Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Java Developers can actually develop Rich Web Applications just with the basics of some programming if they use the ZK Ajax Framework. The event driven model and server centric architecture of the ZK Ajax Framework makes it easy to develop web applications… More

  • management Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to manage how a website looks.  Someone who knows how to use CSS can take a basic website and completely customize it.  For example, with CSS, a user can change the background… More

  • How to Deploy an Ajax Application Safely and Easily

    AJAX, which is an acronym that stands for Asynchronous Javascript Technology and XML, is a collection of different technologies combined to produce a more user friendly web experience for web visitors. The technologies include javascript, XML and cascading style sheets (CSS) as well as XML HTTP Requests, the Document Object Model (DOM) and XSLT. Because…

  • Add Depth to Your Images with the Best in Class Image Techniques

    Responsive Web Design has gained huge demand over time and almost all the Web Developers are looking forward to gear up with the novel technological trends so that they can adapt their design naturally. In this modern era of 3D World every web designer is keen on recreating the Web design and development of the…

  • Javascript Unit Testing Frameworks Archives – Web Developer Juice

    JavaScript is a powerful scripting language on the web that has gained extreme popularity. We all know that Testing is good however the foremost difficulty that people face is when they try to write unit tests for client side code and they understand… More

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