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    In my previous post ( PHP Magic Functions ), I discussed about __construct, __destruct, __call and __callStatic. Lets explore a few more magic functions … __set and __get : Define Object Data Members at Run Time In PHP what happens when you… More There are some reserved function names  in PHP class starting with __…

  • 18 Ways To Kill Your Google Adsense Account

    Maybe your Google ad sense account was banned or you want to close it. Many people are asking this question ‘how can I kill my Google ad sense account?’ so here I give you 18 ways in which you can follow; One Click on your own advertisement 10 times for like 5 minutes, this will…

  • validate Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Everyone knows that HTML is used for designing websites, but not all webmasters bother to validate them. This is unfortunate because there are benefits to having the code validated. Here are 5 reasons to Validate HTML of your web apps. Some resources… More

  • 5 Best WordPress Tutorial Blogs for Beginners

    At its heart, WordPress is a content management system that offers high-end features and easy usability; however there is a lot more to this CMS. If you wish to move ahead of the regular WP themes and mundane plugins and templates, then you must meet the advanced functionality needs posed by WordPress. This means, you…

  • 15 stylish gallery and photo effects using jquery should'nt be missed

    Today later while searching for gallery and slideshows for my project , I find codrops , the really awesome website after tutorialzine. Just go through following demos and you will surely love them all. Check them out. 1. Hover Slide Effect . 2. Animated Portfolio Gallery . 3. Slider Gallery . 4. Polaroid Photobar Gallery…

  • Quick Humor: The smartest Terms & Conditions web page

    How many times you register to a new website and read whole of the terms fully? To be very true , I never did. Well, now this picture clarifies how important are terms and conditions and more important is you have to read them whole. . Cheers!

  • Access Control Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Access Control, When running a business, there are dozens of things that keep you busy. You need to worry about which marketing method to use, how to better reach your target market, how to get your cost of goods sold down and… More

  • form builder Archives – Web Developer Juice

    Building a website for one’s business is a great way to build brand image, markets, customer base and stay ahead of the competition too. With advancements in technology, availability of a range of website building tools and growing design sensibilities, it has… More

  • Content Marketing Archives – Web Developer Juice

    The days of marketers hoisting up a brand campaign once every few months are over. Marketing is now approached as a constant effort that needs to be consistently maintained. This means ongoing data capture and analytics due to the constant stream of… More

  • Blog Post Archives – Web Developer Juice

    As a blogger, you may have developed your blog with a variety of blog Post having different intentions. You may just want a place to share your ideas and point-of-view with the world and see your blog primarily as a hobby or… More

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