Six Eccentric Compact Javascript Frameworks at a Glance

JavaScript is a requisite and a crucial part for developing WebPages and Websites whether it be a professional website or a simple page or whether you are  an experienced developer or a naïve person JavaScript is a must for Web Development. In this day and age , JavaScript Framework have become extra specialized and powerful as they can perform several functions in just few basic steps. Nevertheless when you make a decision that you need a compact JavaScript Framework it becomes pretty difficult and confusing to make a decision on which JavaScript Framework you should choose and which is the framework that suits all your web development requirements for the reason that there are so many Compact JavaScript Frameworks you can choose from depending on your needs.

In this article we are going to summarize the list of top notch compact JavaScript Frameworks which Google assumes to be among the most popular frameworks. Wondering why Google and the answer is so obvious because it is the most popular giant search engine and thus the results provided by Google are most accurate and relevant to most of the web developers out there. So have a glance at the top notch compact JavaScript Frameworks listed below :

jQuery Framework


If you want to write less and perform more functions then jQuery JavaScript Library is for you as it has a huge collection of Plug-ins and add-ons. Few amazing facts you must know about jQuery Framework :

  • jQuery is easy to learn and has tutorials in near about 19 languages.
  • The uncompressed code has a size of 120KB and the Gzipped and Minified Code has a size of 19KB.
  • This framework is used by most of the popular companies namely NBC, DIGG, Google, DRUPAL, Mozilla, DELL and several millions of websites.
  • This framework provides great support to all the web designers through the use of CSS syntax.
  • With so many nice and lovely extensions and wide range of plug-ins it is just an apt JavaScript Framework.



DOJO is an open source JavaScript Framework that promises to deliver Web 2.0 terms such as Ajax and Comet by allowing you to create interactive and rich web applications. This is an amazing DHTML unified toolkit that is built on various contributed code bases such as Widgets. DOJO is an ideal JavaScript framework for developing Ajax Based Web Applications as it has various Utilities, Widgets, Ajax Libraries that will help you develop your application with ease. This framework renders a high abstraction layer to all the programmers thus helping them develop sophisticated functions with ease. Wondering why DOJO then check out the answer below :

  • DOJO has a well conceived API and various tools for fixing and helping the programmers with issues which they experience in their day to day development thereby reducing the time between idea and implementation.
  • DOJO provides great level of abstraction when compared to the difficult JavaScript.
  • It helps in event management and DOM scripting.
  • Using Classes, Arrays, Objects and other inbuilt components is very easy just like you use the tag in HTML coded WebPages.



MOOTOOLS is an object oriented, compact and modular JavaScript Framework that is meant for intermediate to advanced JavaScript Web Developers. You can write Flexible, Powerful and Cross-Browser Compatible code with this well documented, coherent and elegant API.MOOTOOLS has strict standards and will not throw any kind of warnings. With meaning full variable names and well documentation it is joy to browse and easy to understand. MOOTOLS is released with an Open Source MIT License so it is possible to use it and modify it under all situations. Mootools framework is compatible with most of the web browsers and is completely tested with Firefox , Opera, IE, Chrome , Internet Explorer, Safari.



YUI Library is a scalable, robust, fast and proven JavaScript Framework and is among one of the biggest in the list of JavaScript Frameworks. With a set of powerful controls and utilities, YUI has various interactive Web Application techniques such as Ajax, DHTML, DOM Scripting. With loads of powerful extensions, plug-ins and features you will have to take out sufficient time to learn them.



If you are looking for a cross browser rich Internet Application Framework then ExtJS is for you as it is a cool cross browser compatible JavaScript Framework that will allow you to develop rich and interactive web applications that will be supported by all web browsers. ExtJS applications becomes more attractive with various features such as good documentation, design, easily customizable widgets and extensive component model, high performance and lots more.

Sprout Core

This JavaScript Framework is unique in its own way as it lays emphasis on bringing the functionalities of desktop application to the web. With good number of easy to follow tutorials you can quickly grasp it. The web applications developed with Sprout Core move the business logic into the Web browser so that it is easy for the apps to respond to user clicks and taps immediately which avoids agonizing roundtrip that is often a problem with Intermittent network connections.

So this is the list of top seven compact JavaScript Frameworks that are worth scrutinizing if you are planning to start using one of the JavaScript Frameworks. All the JavaScript Frameworks mentioned above in this post are good and powerful however choosing one of them is completely dependent on your needs.

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