How to Show Related Posts in WordPress Without a Plugin?

Making your visitors go through each post increases the browsing time on your site and consequently, annoys the visitors. That is why related posts are important.


One of the most powerful strategies to convert your visitors into sales leads is to have better user navigation, which increases user engagement on the site and reduces bounce rate. Bounce rate basically is the percentage of users of a website who “bounce” or navigate away from a website, instead of continuing browsing on the same website. Bounce rate has an immense effect on search engine rankings as well as on your Google Adsense earnings.

Benefits of adding related posts feature

You want your visitors to read more of your content and in order to do so, you need to make it easier for them to navigate from one post to another.

The best solution to keep bounce rate low and user engagement high is to offer easier navigation by adding related posts. This way you can hit three targets with one arrow – increased user engagement, increased Adsense earnings, and reduced bounce rate.

Related posts are a great way to encourage users to stay on your website. It is also an ideal way to bring your older posts to notice which have been pushed off the record and no longer get enough traffic.

How to show related posts?

There are two ways of showing related posts in your WordPress website – displaying it with a plugin and without a plugin.

Well, as a matter of fact, it is easier to use a plugin than adding few lines of code in some file. However, adding a number of plugins on your website may slow down the performance and speed of your website which is why it is always recommended to avoid using a plugin.

Today in this article, we are going to show you how to add related posts without a plugin. It’s easier, simpler and requires little technical knowledge.

You need to open your single.php files in WordPress editor and paste these lines of code where you want to display related posts on your website.


Single.php is a single post page where you can display just one post.

This code uses similar tags to display related posts.

  • To display related post according to different categories, use this code instead:

  • Once added, check your website if it worked or not.

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