List of Mind Blending jQuery Plugins for Mobiles

There are several issues which emerged due to the advent of high end Smartphones especially the ones which ahs touch based screens and were operational based on touch events because managing them through a mobile browser was difficult for most of the websites. Along with the so called problem there was the solution which was represented by various jQuery Plugins for Mobiles that were capable of handling various touch based events in an organized manner so as to avoid any defects and give the users with the desired functionality when they visit the website or the mobile app.

Smartphones nowadays are equipped with a few efficient web browsers. You might be surprised to know that there are so many of them based on what you want to use i.e. you want a plug-in that is smaller in size or the one that has numerous functionalities as there is a really a big list to choose from. Now the WDJ team had thought to come up with few cool and fascinating jQuery Plugins for Mobile Web Developers which make the use of mobile devices handier.

Touch Touch


This plug-in completely depends on CSS3 animations that means the transitions are likely to be extra smooth on mobile devices. This plug-in uses some clever CSS so that the interface can automatically adjust the orientation and size of the mobile device allowing the photos to grow filling the available screen estate. You can test this functionality by resizing the size of your browser window. You can go through photos by swiping either right or left.

jQuery Wiggle Plug-in


If you want to emulate the Wiggle Effect on your iPhone when you press the icon and hold on to them then this jQuery Mobile Plug-in is the right selection foe implementing this functionality.



It is a light weight & responsive mobile slider plug-in that provides 1:1 touch movement, scroll prevention , Resistant bounds & is completely library agnostic.



This JavaScript plug-in is ideal with jQuery or Zepto.js and has various animations, themes and navigations for Mobile Webkit browsers generally for Blackberry, iOS, Android & WebOS.

Awesome jQuery Mobile Image Gallery Web App


If you want to see a few albums in list view that will reveal a wall of thumbnails once they clicked on then Awesome jQuery Mobile Image Gallery Web App is a must use for all the web developers.

jQuery Mobile Charts


If you want to give meaning to numeric data then you would want to dispay it in the form of a chart and this is can be made possible with the use of  jQuery Mobile Charts .Unluckily jQuery Mobile does not have support for any in built charting capabilities and there is no specific jQuery Mobile Charting Plug-in that is available.Neverthelss jQuery Mobile is develoed on top of jQuery & you will be able to find various charting plug-ins.

jQuery Swipe Gallery


This plug-in is specifically designed for Mobile Websites and is capable of supporting various swipe features.You can instantly create an image gallery with mere few lines of code  just like an unordered list of images which makes it a light weight plug-in.



This plug-in was developed specifically for iPad specific website that was meant for Renault. The important feature for developing this plug-in was to create a gallery of cars so that user could swipe up and down & left or right so as to change the particular view of the car.

Keep Reading jQuery Plug-in


This mobile plug-in is generally used for displaying a small tag at the bottom right portion of the screen in case the webpage contains content below the fold. This plug-in is of great use especially when you want a long form on a single webpage so as to reduce the network trips. This tag will alert the web users that there is content below the screen and they have to scroll down so as to view the additional content. As soon as the user scrolls the page the more content tag will be animated out of view.

Advanced Browser Check


This plug-in is used for  performing a complete web browser check  on iPad , iPhone , iPod or any other mobile device or touch device support, browser name and version plug-in , Active X Check or HTML5 Support , CSS3 Support.

jQuery Mobile Device Drag and Drop


The main idea behind the development of this plug-in is to create a drag and drop effect which functions just apt on normal desktop browsers and as well provides support for Mobile Browsers. This plug-in is used for devising a drag and drop style interface for mobile device web development.

Hope you will love our list of  Mind Blending jQuery Mobile Plug-ins that are definitely going to ease your Mobile Web App Development.

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