Laravel PHP Framework: Features and benefits for web development

Companies and organizations are focusing on developing custom web applications these days to meet their business needs and get more growth opportunities. PHP frameworks are the premier choice for developers and entrepreneurs to build their web applications. Although there are lots of PHP frameworks, Laravel is shining in the domain. Laravel is very popular for developing custom web applications. You can choose a PHP web development company that uses the Laravel framework to create top-of-the-line web applications. 


The following are the benefits of the Laravel PHP framework

Blade template engine

Laravel is equipped with the Blade template engine, which is more powerful than other PHP framework’s templating engines. It doesn’t restrict developers from using plain code in views. Also, it doesn’t add overhead to a web application. Besides convenient shortcuts for general PHP functions, it also offers many other excellent features, including displaying data and template inheritance. Getting an attractive web application is much easier with Laravel PHP framework development because of the templating engine. 

Authorization system 

Every web application has to ensure that only authentic users can access paid or secured services. So, the apps need to prevent unauthorized users from getting access to these services/resources. Laravel PHP framework simplifies the implementation of user authentication. Everything can be configured out of the box. Also, it offers a simple way to manage authorization logic along with control access to resources. 

Faster web apps

Every business not only wants to create a web application but a faster web application to provide an excellent user experience and for better ROI. One of the key steps in improving a web app’s performance is by integrating the caching backend. Laravel supports prominent caching backends like Redis and Memcached. So, it allows developers to create fast and efficient web applications. The file cache driver is set on default for Laravel, enabling the framework to save cached objects in the file system. With Laravel, it is possible to use multiple cache configurations. 

Automation of testing

Without proper testing, no one can tell whether the final web application will run with no error, glitches, or bugs. Therefore, testing is crucial to ensure that the web application created is free of errors and runs smoothly on all platforms. Also, it helps to understand that the application has fulfilled all the client’s requirements. In this situation, automation testing is beneficial as it is less time-consuming and many times more precise than manual testing. Laravel is a PHP framework that is built with testing in mind, so it includes PHPUnit for testing. Also, a phpunit.xml file is already set up for a web application. It also comes with helper methods that allow developers to conduct expressive testing of web applications.    

URL routing configuration

Users on a web application will use it by typing or clicking a link. They will click the link in the hope of finding the desired content, such as the contact form, an article, a product description, or anything else. If there is no proper routing, a web application will fail to understand what users want to see and show a blank or error page. Laravel framework in PHP comes with robust URL routing that developers can configure to ensure that every user lands on the right web page. Laravel routes are defined in app/Http/routes.php and are automatically loaded. 

Separation of logic

Web applications have many components. PHP frameworks like Laravel enable developers to separate the business logic of a web app from its presentation layer. Laravel supports MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture that means it separates different levels of a web application. The View is responsible for the presentation layer; the Model handles the business logic, and the Controller serves as a bridge between the two. Because of this separation of logic code, Laravel offers an efficient and simplified web development methodology. So, PHP development with the Laravel framework is an efficient way of web development. 

Message queue system 

A web application deals with different forms of communication, like between various applications or between different parts of a web application. The more web traffic a web application starts to get, the more requests it needs to handle per second. So, you will require more hosting power, or the server can stop working, resulting in data loss. To overcome such situations, developers can take advantage of the message queue system from the start of the project along with techniques like load balancing, keeping data integrity, and increasing app performance.   

Wrapping up!

The demand for custom web applications is increasing sharply due to all the benefits they offer to businesses. Creating a user-friendly and attractive web application is essential to harness its usefulness for any business. Choosing the right technology is vital to develop a robust web application. Moreover, the Laravel PHP framework is one of the key choices for developers and entrepreneurs to build web apps today. Indeed, custom PHP web development services have become popular thanks to frameworks like Laravel. By choosing the Laravel framework, you have a lot of advantages. It also offers numerous benefits to developers in web development that other frameworks don’t provide. 

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