HTML5 (The Challenger) Vs Adobe Flash( The Champion) -Ferocious Battle is On

i110-7671808 When it is about Software there are several people who do not actually have an understanding about the differences and similarities amongst various programs however it is pretty clear that there is a battle declared among Adobe Flash and HTMl5.It is not only the Tech Savvy people who are feeling the power of the battle but as well consumers are feeling the raft of it. Each of these web development languages has their own set for pros and cons which will be revealed in this post to prove why the battle for the best software is so strong and passionate.


HTML5 has Come to Take over the World

HTML5 is a young but very tough and heavy weight Web development language. If you are looking a language the speaks all about displaying quality content over the Web with a core technology in that case HTML5 is the side you should consider. The main goal of HTMl5 is to provide complete support for the latest Multimedia Boom whilst making is readable and user-friendly to even a layman, devices and computers. The amazing and distinct features that add to its popularity are integration of the SVG content, Audio and Video Headers, Canvas Elements and lots more. With the help of these features it is easier for Web Developers to incorporate Multimedia and Graphical Content on the Web with ease devoid of having to make use of any special Application Programming Interfaces and Plug-ins. With HTMl5 it is also possible to process any kind of Invalid documents and it will help with errors of characters or tokens which are likely to be written in any programming language and Syntax Errors.

Merits of HTML5:

1) HTML5 is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly. 2) HTMl5 is compatible with all kinds of devices and users will not have t think much about the code not working as expected on Mobile Devices. 3) HTml5 can be used on all kinds of systems. 4) The best thing is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of using any kind of plug-ins. 5) It renders better performance as is great on Hardware Acceleration.

6) Last but not the least HTMl5 is an Open Source and Free thus anybody can build a Website using HTML5 devoid of having to pay anything.

Demerits of Using HTML5:

1) You will not receive much support as in because only six percent of the Web Browsers are using HTML5 together with Safari and Google Chrome.
2) You will need specialized servers and specific settings for managing the DRM i.e. Digital Management Rights.

Have a look at the Website Designed using HTMl5 :


It is Plane….It is a Bird….No It is Adobe Flash we are Talking About….

If you want to develop high impact Web Content in that case Adobe Flash is just the perfect ideal software for doing it. With meticulous features such as Simplified Local Storage, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Media Measurement and lots more Flash has been successful in attracting thousands of users. One of the coolest features of Adobe Flash is that you can design interactive movements and animations devoid of having to know all the back ropes to writing piece of code. Thus nay average person can create a WOO-some website with high quality software like Flash that will look just like if any tech Savvy Web Developer has done it. With a great Introduction to Adobe Flash, let us have a look at few of the Merits and Demerits of it:

Merits of Using Adobe Flash:

1) Digital Right Management is just wow-some with the Adobe Flash Software. With so many people on the Web trying to illegally and unethically steal the content from the Web, Adobe Flash makes it difficult for people to simply right click on the content and copy it. 2) With the use of Flash Software users can present items as if they were designed and developed by Tech Savvy professionals. 3) Almost everybody has Flash and in particular the Desktop PC’s as the software has 97% of the market share and thus Flash is winning the Popularity Contest.

4) Flash has made it easy for the developers to insert and embed Ads in between videos.

Demerits of Using Adobe Flash:

1) It is highly expensive to develop Applications using Flash and you will need to hire a Flash Professional for Development of the same. 2) Adobe Flash is not Search Engine Friendly unlike HTML5. 3) Adobe Flash requires you to make use of plug-ins.

4) Adobe Flash is not compatible with most of the Mobile Devices and will not show up on iPad.

Have a look at the Website Designed using Adobe Flash :

flash_design-3518249 If you weigh out the capabilities and options of both Adobe Flash and HTML5 it would be difficult but however ne must win this ferocious Battle. At the end of the day it is up to you to make a decision on which software wins and your decision should be based on the needs and wants of Website users. Both the Softwares are great at their functionalities nevertheless there are certain specific features that set them apart from one another.


So for Tech Savvy people who are so confused on which Software to use then they should do extensive research on the features, Pros and Cons of both the Software’s as mentioned above and then make the perfect and right choice as per their requirements.

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