Engaging Link Building to Drive Traffic and Improve Ranks

Links can be described as the pathways that enable the search engine to crawl. In the 1990’s, links are considered as votes that would illustrate the web’s opinion on the web pages that are important and more popular than others are. Refining the use of link data, the search engines have created nuance algorithms based on the sites and pages. Links are not everything in SEO, but it is through links that the search engine evaluates the popularity of the website. The links presented an identification of expert documents on the relevant given subject.


Signals of link used in search engines: The Search Engine Optimization Specialist is still not aware of how the link attributes are measured by the engines. But years of experience in the field and analysis of the patent apps help assume the considerations of search engines.

Globalized popularity: The more popular the website, the links matter more. The popular websites will have others linking to them and this helps on earning the trust and authority of the search engines.

Localized Popularity: First pioneered by the Teoma search engine, “local” popularity links from websites that are local and within community mattered most than general or irrelevant websites.

Anchor Text: The signal that the search engine use is anchor text. With links to a page and combined with the right keywords, page would have a good rank against the targeted phrase in anchor text. There are thousands of web pages that rank for anchor texts inbound links.

TrustRank: Internet is not without spam. To weed the irrelevant content, search engines use methods to measure trust; this is based on link graph. If the links are earned from trusted domains, it can result in scoring metric.

Link Neighborhood: The spammy links go in both directions. If it links to spam, it is spam itself. By evaluating the links in aggregate, the search engine analyses the link neighborhood that the website is existing in. This makes it important to link appropriately.

Social networking: The social media serve as the perfect platform for the sharing of content. Search engines treat the social media links differently, although it never denied the importance of the social media channels.

The Philosophy behind Link Building

A class of Search Engine Optimization Companies believes that link building is a numbers game. It is an art wherein people need to be convinced, to take action, which would benefit you even though they are unaware of your whereabouts. This involves a budget, a team and diligence to create content and strategies to reach out to people who will be compelled to link or embed in their websites.
It is important to take big swings when they are relevant to the brand, even when people wonder how to build links in their otherwise boring forte. One can manually submit in directories of blogs, articles, forums, etc. but they are the websites that are the reason for the Penguin algorithm updates. It is important to distribute the traffic resources beyond Search and this would generate quality links. The websites having the unnatural links can create a footprint, which is easily identifiable and Google tracks them by posting warnings and then tacking action.

Some Legitimate Link Building Processes

The following are the basics of legitimate link building process:

The first step is to email the webmaster requesting for a link for the website. It is important to personalize the emails. It is important to verify the webmasters as they should be having relevant sites and the website surpasses quality. It is important to be precise in the mail and not waste time, if the link is unworthy.

Sometimes contacting the webmaster directly also results in efficient links.

The source of the links can be searched in the web with the desired keywords. Even if the website ranks within the top three, it is important to understand that even they can be filled with spam links. This is the reason that searching the source thoroughly is important. With Google now warning webmasters to remove the spam unnatural links, this scrutiny is all the more important.

Social media networks can be scanned for links. The search technique is the same as in searching for resources in the web.

The link needs to be secured and this can be accomplished easily by personalizing the communication with the webmaster.

Determine whether the website is efficient as a linking partner.

The website should be able to send you relevant traffic along with improving of the rankings.

It is important to not limit oneself with the PRs and search engines.

The competitors should always be taken into account. It is not a definite procedure but link plans, the webmaster can strategize what works best for the companies in the same niche. It is not important to mimic those links of the competitors but mimic their strategies.

It is important to monitor the usability factor of the website alongside the link-building plan. The website should be having seamless navigation, and provide content relevant to the business.

The webmaster should not automate adding links.

It is important to keep a tab of negative remarks. If any webmaster replies then it is important to pay heed to the comments and implement them.

If implementing new URL, and want to draw the maximum benefit it is important to inform those who link the website
No follow links are good for traffic.

These are some methods by which quality links can be ascertained. But it is equally important to focus on the analysis of links and algorithmic use of the link profile in the website.

About Author: Quality link building is an important part of SEO. A Search Engine Optimization Specialist regards link building as one of the important tasks, to acquire ranks and traffic. Aditi Biswas associated with a Search Engine Optimization Companies thinks that it is the job of the expert to decide which links will bring best search engine results. Writing about technology, she is also an avid reader and loves experimenting gastronomy in her free time.

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