7 Wonderful Mobile UI JavaScript Frameworks to Ease Mobile Development

In the olden days inconsistent CSS and HTML, Cross browser compatibility and screen resolution were major concerns with Mobile Development. However with the advent in technology developers are grapping up in dealing with these issues and have come up with novel and innovate ideas with lots more to go.

The Mobile Web developers have not only widened their scope of expertise but are as well solving all the major problems concerning mobile development and have succeeded in developing mobile websites which have impressive layouts and are touch friendly. These mobile website are based on the Mobile UI JavaScript frameworks and work flawlessly on all the tablets and Smartphone’s.

There are more and more business organizations who are developing mobile versions of their official websites and are as well on the verge of launching various applications which will help them market their products and services successfully and the main reason for all this immense advancement to a great extent is the upsurge of Mobile UI JavaScript frameworks. The Mobile UI JavaScript frameworks have made it easy for people to use touch screen devices. With the help of JavaScript Mobile UI frameworks users have the privilege to respond to various finger gestures such as scroll and zoom, tap, zoom and lots more.

The Mobile UI JavaScript frameworks have not only resolved the cross browser compatibility but has eased the task of developing cross platform mobile websites which has increased the number of users for the websites. Most of the Mobile UI JavaScript frameworks are lightweight thus making browsing comparatively fast without having to make a compromise with the look of the website. One more added boon that comes with the JavaScript frameworks is that the Mobile Websites make use of CSS3 and HTML which adhere to the W3C Specifications.

If you want to start up your career in the Mobile Web Development industry in that case you must be aware of the top notch Mobile UI JavaScript frameworks that will help you succeed in the world of Mobile Web Development. Here is an overview on few of the most commonly used Mobile UI JavaScript Frameworks which have made Mobile Development easier:

1) jQuery Mobile


This is touch optimized Mobile UI JavaScript framework specifically developed for Tablets and Smartphone’s. The “Write Less Do More” mantra is taken to a higher level with the help of jQuery Mobile framework as you do not have to write unique applications for each kind of Mobile Device i.e. for each Operating System but rather it will allow you to develop one single customized and highly branded application that will function appropriately on all the Mobile Operating Systems or Devices. If you are looking for flexible and easily themeable design then jQuery mobile is the framework for you.

2) Dojo Mobile


If you want to port your skills and not your applications then this is the Mobile UI JavaScript framework for you that allow you to develop mobile apps giving them an amazing look and feel on the modern web kit enabled gadgets such as iPod, Android, iPad, iPhone, RIM Smartphone’s and Tablets.

3) iUI Framework


If you are on the verge of building Mobile Applications or Mobile Websites with various Touch Gestures or Mobile UI elements on various mobile platforms then iUI is the framework for you. This framework has the complete JavaScript Library, CSS and various images that can be used for creating advanced Mobile applications.

4) Appcelerator Titanium Framework


If you want to combine the power of cloud computing with the flexibility of open source then Appcelerator Titanium Framework is for you as it is a next generation platform that will help you develop enhanced apps for Android and Apple. The best thing about Appcelerator Titanium Framework is that your knowledge on JavaScript Programming, CSS and HTML is likely to be put into implementation with the use of this framework. This framework can be used for creating popovers, table views, tabs and switches. This framework can as well be easily integrated with the cameras on the mobile device and the files that are stored on it. With a strong community support Appcelerator Titanium Framework helps you with some great tips on Android SDK and Objective C.

5) Tree Saver


This framework is just apt for creating magazine style layouts that can just fit into various mobile devices and browsers. This framework does not require you to do any kind of JavaScript programming as it has standards that are compliant with CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

6) Sencha Touch 2


If you are looking for a high performance Mobile Application JavaScript framework then Sencha Touch 2 should be your choice of the framework as it is specifically designed for super fast responsiveness and speed. This is an amazing framework for developing appealing and attractive apps for BlackBerry, Mac OS, iOS, Windows OS and Android.

7) Phone Gap


If you want to create hybrid mobile applications combing CSS, HTML and JavaScript in that case you should use the great open source mobile framework namely the Phone Gap. Phone Gap allows you to access the various Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) and the various App stores whilst leveraging the Web Technologies.

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