7 Fantabulous jQuery Auto Complete Plug-ins for Your WebsiteWeb Developer Juice

Are you wondering what is jQuery AutoComplete? jQuery Autocomplete is nothing but a simple input field that allows the visitors on a blog or website to just rapidly find and select a required value thereby leveraging filtering and searching mechanisms. In this modern era time is precious to everyone thereby people are more interested in instance and fast search in fact the giant and popular search engines like Google make use of jQuery Autocomplete along with Ajax, PHP to enhance and add to the features of Autosuggest.jQuery Autocomplete plug in has several options and is very simple and easy to set up on a web page. jQuery AutoComplete provides suggestions to the users as they key in text into the text box. The data source that jQuery Autocomplete uses is a simple JavaScript array that is provided using the source option.

If you are confused on choosing the best jQuery Autocomplete plug-ins then here is a list of few popularly used jQuery Autocomplete plug-ins that will help you in making your decision:

1)      Autosuggest jQuery Plug-in


It is a very light weight jQuery Autocomplete plug-in that makes achieving auto-completing feature extremely easy with several options for customization. This plug-in will modify the regular text input box into a Rad auto complete box and wil create the HTML elements dynamically that are required for its appropriate functioning. As well one more added advantage that the Autosuggest plug-in has is there is no need of adding extra HTML for working with this plug-in and as well it does not use any images. A to Z styling is done by means of the CSS file that is included and can be customized with ease to give attractive look and feel.

2)      Facebook Like jQuery Autocomplete Plug-in


Facebook like Autosuggest is a jQuery Autocomplete that functions completely similar to the manner in which a real time auto completion search engine works something similar to the one designed for Facebook. This plug-in makes use of the jQuery Library and the Autocomplete plug-in BSN jQuery Autosuggest. In fact with the help of this plug-in one can create an Ajax request on the custom side and build various search plug-ins for categorizing the results.

3)      Nodstrum jQuery Auto Completer


This plug-in is widely used as a jQuery Ajax Progress Indicator. If there is a button on your website which when clicked in turn calls an Ajax script but there is no way to keep track on the progress whether the script loaded successfully or failed then with the help of this plug-in now you can track your calls made to another Ajax script or any other script for that matter of fact.

4)      jQuery Autocomplete Mod


This is a enhancement to the jQuery Autocomplete plug-in and supports local data array which can now be used with or without Ajax. The auto fill feature will pre populate the text box when you type in the words. This plug-in enhances the features of jQuery Autocomplete box in a better way for instance you can hit and delete and as well when you retype into the same box again the drop down menu will be displayed.

5)      jQuery Tokeninput Autocomplete Plug-in


With the help of this Autocomplete plug-in the user can select multiple items from an already defined list using auto completion as they type in the text to search for each of them. The functionality of this plug-in can be compared to that of the text entry box when filling in the recipients details when we send messages on Facebook.

6)      jQuery Address Picker Autocomplete Plug-in


This is an Autocomplete jQuery plug-in with the capability to identify locations on map features. This plug-in will display the map for the address you select even when you are moving in Autocomplete suggestions.

7)      Smart jQuery Autocomplete plug-in


Using this plug-in is quite simple as it is merely dependent on the core jQuery library. This plug-in gives you an add on facility to overwrite the built in filter function with your customized function as per your requirements. The only condition that applies to the customized functions that you use is that they must return an array after the function call.