7 Creative and Eco Friendly Green Awareness Logos

The trend of being Eco Friendly is thriving all over the world and almost everybody is trying to contribute towards the welfare of the world. Going Green generally means adapting various initiatives in the personal and professional standard of living so as to ensure that there is less damage to the environment. Going Green actually means trying to be more environmentally and ecologically responsible.

The promotional industry is seeing a noticeable increase in going green as the Eco Friendly products are generally becoming famous in the industry as well as in the corporate sector.  These eco friendly products are not just meant for promoting effective campaigns but as well are helpful in spreading the word on the subject company’s social values and awareness. However that is not the only reason why promotional items are going green there are several other benefits that are attached to it.


Eco Friendly promotional products will give an impression about the imprinted brand related message along with another message that states that “ We Care about the Environment” . This message actually bumps up the brand image and will give a positive impression to the potential and existing customers together with continuous exposure to your Green Awareness Logo.

All the Business Organizations and Companies are aware of the significance of spreading the word on the subject of what they sell and offer so that people can have a better understanding of their products and services which exist in the market. The companies are aware of the fact that target customers will only try out a certain brand which they are aware of and have heard of repeatedly. There is an advertising strategy which is fast becoming the trend in the modern era and with increase in popularity of several environment related campaign and “Save Mother Earth “ movements  most of the companies have now jumped into the bandwagon and are taking part in the so called Green Revolution and advertising themselves so as to attract several customers and increase profits in the long run.

The interesting news is that several companies are going green and effectively promoting their brand in less costly ways and one such way they are trying to achieve is with the use of Green Awareness Logos. Almost all the companies make use of Green Awareness Logos to create awareness by using their strength of eco friendliness to promote their products and services.

With the intent of going Green this time here on WDJ we are showcasing the best in class logo designs which will give a picture of environmental awareness. These logos are referred to as Green Awareness Logos. The usage of the Green Awareness Logos has increased over time and almost every company wants to exhibit their business to be thoughtful and responsive. So as to add a sense of greenery , plant life such as leaves and flowers that are elegant and natural  here is a glance at some of the best Green Awareness Logos for your inspiration .



Green News

Thrive Food Coaching

Fine Leaf


Eco Chic

Eco Gurus


Greener Innovation Logos

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