7 best html5 jquery video plug-ins

HTML5 is a technology that is all the rage in the web world with a great potential to considerably ease the process of video playback, enhance the web application user interface and boost the offline or online synchronization of web applications. video plug-ins.

You can find so many websites over the World Wide Web that support a wide range of HTML5 extensions and as well so many embedded HTML5 web applications running just similar to native web applications ob connected TV and Mobile devices. Various Test Implementations and Tutorials materialize over the web and same is the case with HTML5.One among the most notable features  that has come up with HTML5 is theHTML5 Video and Audio Players so that you can embed video and audio into your app devoid of having to use Adobe Flash.

HTML5 has made it possible for you to easily embed video and audio into your WebPages without having to make use of any special plugins just by making use of the Video Element that now comes along with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. One limitation here is that all the web browsers do not support similar codecs and this is when one can avail the support of JavaScript. This ranks on top over video tag providing for rendering better video controls and a contingency to the older versions of web browsers. You will find several HTML5 based Audio, Music and Video players that have the playlist functionality and so many callback options for customization.

In this post on WDJ we plan to discuss about the qualitative HTML5 Video Player Plug-ins that will provide you some outstanding features such as playing videos on your websites, rendering support for different video formats and create various playlists that have adjustable controls such as decreasing or increasing the volume, adjusting the speed to slow or fast and so on.

jPlayer HTML5 Video Player Plugins


 With this plug-in in place you can easily and quickly weave cross platform video and audio code into all your WebPages. jPlayer is an all inclusive application programming interface that lets you develop innovative media solutions for your business. Features of jPlayer plug-in include:

  • Helps you in controlling the Media Content on your WebPages with the help of a JavaScript Application programming interface.
  • You can play and control various media files on your webpage.
  • You can add video and audio to all your jQuery projects.
  • This plug-in renders support for all the older versions of the web browsers that use a Flash Fallback and supports more number of devices that use HTML5.
  • With this plug-in it is easy to create and style a media player by making use of CSS and HTML5.

jQuery Flow player Plug-in


jQuery Flow player is thought to be the Smallest Video Player in the market with a short and snappy application programming interface. This is a complete, Minimalistic, beautiful HTML5 Video Player plug-in on the web with custom Start and End Screens. Flow player has timeless design support thus making the video star of the show on your webpage. Features of jQuery Player include:

  • Fluid Layout which makes this video player the only top notch responsive video player on the market.
  • You can make use of any CSS or HTML whilst the video preloads in the background thus allowing you to custom design attributes before and after the video.
  • You can create unlimited instances devoid of having to make compromises with the performance of the page.
  • There are so many beautiful playlists supported by the jQuery Flow player with Skinnable CSS.

HTML5 Bootstrap Video Player Plug-in


A great customizable HTML5 Video Player Plug-in that is based on the Bootstrap User Interface with some extensive features listed below:

  • This video player shows the Video Timer.
  • This video player shows and lets you set the volume from somewhere between 1-10
  • This video player will enable the auto hide control bar
  • This video player will help you easily make customizations with CSS.
  • You can embed multiple videos on one single webpage.
  • You can enable the auto hide control bar and full screen button.
  • You can simply use the HTML Video Tag.

HTML5 jQuery Media Element Plug-in


Rather than rendering the HTML5 Video Player to Modern Web Browsers and completely a different Flash Player to the older web browsers you can make use of the HTML5 jQuery Media Element Plug-in MediaElement.js which upgrades them with customized Silverlight and Flash plugins that impersonate the HTML5 Media Element Application Programming Interface. This is considered as a complete video and audio player for HTML5 however one can as well make use of the Media Element object that will replace the and tags with a flash player that will resemble the methods, events and properties of HTML5 Media Element application programming interface.

Lean Back Video Player Plug-in


This is an awesome HTML5 Video Player plug-in with support for subtitles in desired language. This plug-in supports almost all the mobile devices and all the desktop web browsers. Lean back Video Player Plug-in is generally based on JavaScript that makes use of the and element functionality of all the standard mobile devices, web browsers and various platforms. You can easily integrate this plug-in and this is independent of all other JavaScript libraries.

Fry Player


This is a free and open source HTML5 Video Player plug-in that has a stunning user interface with various keyboard shortcuts, great buffering options, and full screen mode and so on.

jQuery HTML5 Open Video Player (OVP)


This plug-in is an inventiveness that encircles the usage of various open standards, best in class web practices and other well known web development methodologies in the process of developing media player web applications. With this plug-in in place you can create customized themes and adjust the various controls by using standard CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript.

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