5 Web Development Personalities – Who Are You?

Most people have this view of those who work in web development as being young, nerdy and acne-speckled. Whilst this stereotype is promoted through television and film, it isn’t actually an accurate representation of who developers are today. In fact, there are a number of different personalities that these people could embody; some of them are outlined below:

The “Self-Help Constructor”

This web development personality describes the kind of person who is determined to get the job done no matter how limited their experience and skill is. These kinds of people are fairly resourceful – they may use open source software if they are unable to complete some coding themselves and will find plug-ins that meet his needs.

The “Experienced Old Man”

Whilst not the hippest of the developers, those who fit into this category have a wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none. In many ways, they may be a little outdated (by using old technology and software) but they understand the industry like they understand the back of their hand.

The “Hardcore Geek”

This web development personality is probably the closest that you will get to the young acne-covered stereotype. These developers will go beyond the call of duty to get a project finished – you’re likely to find them working during their lunch breaks and they will spend all their free time reading up on new ways to work.

The “Scholarly Know-It-All”

Whilst being extremely intelligent and functioning as a walking-talking encyclopedia on development, they do set high standards for themselves that can make projects drag on. Even so, their code reads like a work of art and, even though they make more work for themselves, you know that the work will be exceptional.

The “Ninja”

This web development personality sums up a person who doesn’t say much and tends to keep to him or herself. This person is actually very similar to the geek, except that they allow themselves to have a bit more of a life. They are the kind of person who works quickly and efficiently with little evidence that they’ve even been working at all.

When it comes to deciphering the above web development personalities and trying to determine which category you fit into, it is important to keep in mind that there are even more to this list. You could be the “Clever Ambassador” who is the unofficial project manager or the “Half-Cup Speedster” who takes on too many projects at once. Where do you fit?

About The Author
John has been working as a freelance writer for Zeemo. They have been providing excellent web design and web development Melbourne services to their clients for over ten years.

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