5 jaw dropping javascript based desktops

How it sounds if I say, our next level desktops are of javascripts and may kill Operating systems? For some geeks it may sounds foolish but for some creative geeks it is interesting. Today I was amazed by seeing these javascript based desktops which when full screened imitates real ones. Just check them out.

1. Lucid Desktop

Lucid is a free, open source web desktop, or webOS that lets you to access your media, office documents, and other files anywhere , stay up to date with Twitter, RSS feeds, and what’s happening on the web and Create great web applications in ridiculously short amounts of time.



2. Comet Desktop

The backend is written in Perl and Mysql. The front end consists of a heavily modified qWikiOffice, ExtJS, and various libraries and widgets created by programmer.



3. Sencha Desktop

Demonstrates how one could build a desktop in the browser using Ext components including a module plugin system.



4. Jquery Desktop

Desktop powered by Jquery.



5. Jsdesk

This is a ‘Web 2.0’ Ajax PHP/MySQL desktop website that uses the extjs code library.



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