12 Key Points why JQuery is Boss

One of the trickiest tasks of any web developer is to make sure that all of that slick JavaScript functionality works exactly the same across as many browsers as possible. That takes more work than just checking the web application in a couple of browsers. Jquery gives you the power. Here is some key points of jquery described below.

1. Cross browser capability

New browsers and patches are released all of the time, and support for older browsers is an ongoing task. JQuery provides consistent browser functionality and lets developers focus on building functionality.

2. Cross language capability

Regardless of whether developers are writing in PHP, Ruby, or a Microsoft language such as C# or VB.NET, JQuery syntax is identical. Despite a common misconception that this is already true for JavaScript, it isn’t. JavaScript is based on ECMAscript, and that means companies like Microsoft actually built their own support of the language, with nuances, of course. But using JQuery eliminates any discrepancies.

3. Integrated in Microsoft development products

Although not all web developers use Microsoft products, it is important to note that Microsoft is quickly adopting the open source standard into their development products and is featured heavily in MVC.

4. Consistent coding usage


JQuery’s consistent library of functions means that developers are much less likely to roll their own code to perform tasks that have already been resolved, and promotes more code reuse.

5. Consistent JavaScript library


By using the JQuery library of functions, this ensures that developers across applications will be able ot quickly use the same methods and code base without having to incorporate custom libraries.

6. Faster development time


The amount of JQuery functions that already exist is massive and growing by leaps and bounds every day. This large base means that developers can put together UI functionality much faster and focus on the underlying business logic.

7. JSON for faster and more efficient back end communication.


With more ajax enabled applications springing up every day, many of the original apps relied on either custom data formats to communicate large amounts of information from the server to the browser; others relied on the more formal XML, which also means quite a bit of overhead for the data. JSON is much more efficient for transporting this data and JQuery supports JSON natively

8. Consistent Ajax support


Ajax became much more common with web applications with the growth of broadband access, but methods for incorporating Ajax did not just vary by language and server, there were multiple flavors within the languages to accomplish this. Ajax provides syntax that remains consistent regardless of programming language.

9. Low Learning Curve


There are many developers who were web focused but avoided JavaScript due to the fact that it was a language that offered little in the way of debugging and documentation. Jquery’s large documentation and consistent usage makes the ability to perform complex JavaScript functions much simpler.

10. Simplified Document Traversal


This is right in the JQuery motto, and it has been the bane of budding web developers for many years. The HTML document is the most important aspect of writing dynamic HTML code, but accessing it can be a frustrating mystery too often. JQuery makes it simple and consistent, which is the primary goal of the framework.

11. Not Just Objects


Although the other major JavaScript framework, MooTools, prides itself on being object oriented, this does not meet the needs of many developers who are trying to get up and running quickly. JQuery’s simplistic approach makes this much more possible and is easier to learn than even the underlying language.

12. Better CSS Interaction


JavaScript offers a lot of things, but manipulating CSS or the HTML elements are not the only thing that JavaScript is intended to do. As such, it is a language where it does a lot more than manipulate the DOM, but that’s all that people normally equate it with. JQuery is much more focused just on the things that a web developer uses JavaScript for.

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