10 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for SEO

WordPress is definitely the top used and favored blogging platform. Many novice internet marketers begin with their career or business with simpler blogging platforms, but they later switch over to WordPress once they discover the many advantages this sophisticated blog platform has over its competitors. For example, WordPress is already built with SEO in mind, and what isn’t implemented from the ground zero is caught up with various plugins. Let’s preview 10 reasons why WordPress is great for SEO.

1. Easy To Use

WordPress is easy to use. One can master the basics within a few minutes or hours. This is great for novice or intermediate blog masters. The simplicity of WordPress blogs can help avoid making any mistakes while setting it up. These mistakes could turn out to be costly in the long run when it comes to search engine optimization, especially for those lacking coding skills.

2. No HTML Required

Improper usage of HTML Code can hinder one’s SEO game plan. HTML code is not required for WordPress. One can simply install their data with basic typing. Although if you want to have a successful site you do need to learn HTML and some other programming languages, if you are new at this WordPress gives you the chance to learn gradually and not lose much because you are starting with no knowledge.

3. Protection against Spam

Search engines despise blogs or sites that are affiliated with spam activity. Sites or blogs with spam activity can be penalized severely. They will get low rankings or they will get sand boxed. Low rankings mean that a site or blog will not get a sufficient amount of organic traffic (traffic from search engines). WordPress provides plenty of spam protection to help blog masters avoid falling into this pitfall.

4. Link Building

Building links is critical for anyone who is trying to get their blog on the first page of any major search engine. Pingback, Trackbacks, and Blogroll links are built within all WordPress Blogs. These three features are very powerful link builders. One can use these three features in order to link to other high page ranking blogs. This can help your blog to attract more links and get new connections. Not to mention that with certain plugins you can improve your inner links.

5. Internal Linking

Internal links can help you strengthen your deeper pages. Navigation can go only so far when it comes to passing link juice. If you want toms internal pages to see the light of day and show up in the SERP you need to inner link those pages. There are various plugins you can use for inner linking or to add proper pagination to your WordPress blog.

6. Plugins

Plugins help WordPress become even more search engine friendly and even more automated. There are some plugins that are there strictly to help with SEO, other just to make your life easier and make the process go faster. With careful choices of plugins you can create a fast and incredibly search engine friendly website or blog.

7. Social Media Capability

All WordPress Blogs come with social media capability. Social Media is one of the easiest ways of getting thousands of people to visit your blog. There are dozens of social media sites in existence today. Taking advantage of one or several social media mediums can help you get thousands of visitors to your site with ease. Simple integration using a rich theme or a plugin can help share your content easily and get it to reach thousands of eyes.

Your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn social accounts can easily be connected to your blog. More social interaction such as comments and email sign-ups will take place. Your blog can be a social medium for visitors from all over the world.

8. Customizable Themes

There are thousands of customizable themes available for your site. WordPress Blogs with customizable themes can help you design your layout in a preferred manner for both users and search engines. Some of them are so good that you might not even need plugins to achieve the maximum with your SEO efforts.

9. Trackback Feature

The trackback feature allows one to see who is reading and responding to their blog. This is wonderful for anyone who is looking to link up with other blog masters who have high rankings. But more importantly, it is a great way of getting new connections and scoring some quality backlinks. People like when they are linked at, and in return most of them will do the same. With some of them you can even creating long lasting relationships using trackbacks as ice breaker.

10. Auto Pinging

Pinging is a method that attracts the attention of search engine spiders. Pinging can help a new blog get indexed. WordPress Blogs have an automatic pinging. Pinging takes place after each post. Although once you get going with your website and create some valuable content pinging will not be of much use to you, but for a new blog it can come really handy.

WordPress platform is becoming more popular with blog master all over the world. It is gaining more popularity as time passes by. Anyone can put their blog in a position to get tons of traffic and high search engine rankings if they take advantage of the benefits listed above. But of course, a good platform will solve one part of the problem, you still need to take care of quality content if you wish to succeed. But solving one issue at a time is the way to go, so if you don’t have enough money to have designers do a great website for you, WordPress offers everything for free, and with such easy implementation and SEO options what is there not to like?

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