10 Best HTML5 Frameworks For Hybrid App Development

Hybrid apps are generally built around native web view container or they may also leverage cross-platform tools to create native apps. As a native web view is nothing but an embedded web browser inside an app, the focus can just be laid on building a web page and the platform will package the web code in functional cross-platform mobile application.

For building user-centric mobile apps, HTML5 framework offers a number of options that have functionalities and dynamics of their own. The framework also helps to provide native look and feel with the exceptional use of technology that comes packed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

One of the reasons of increase in the popularity of these hybrid apps is that the developers need to write these apps once and can run it easily on any of the platforms. The app can be designed as a regular one and responsive one as well by utilizing HTML5 UI frameworks.

Following is a set of HTML5 frameworks that make designing and developing apps much easier.

1. Ionic


The best news about this framework is that it is an open source framework and includes library of mobile optimized JS, CSS, as well as HTML components and tools that help in building apps that are highly interactive. Having exclusive set of features, Ionic can be stated as the leader in the hybrid mobile app development sphere.

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Being an enterprise grade object, Sencha touch helps in the development of cross platform web apps by making use of HTML5 and JavaScript. Sencha touch consists of wider range of products that work hand to hand. The framework includes many themes, components, and built-in MVC system to develop powerful apps.

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Mobile Angular UI is the one for the fans of Bootstrap and Angular. With this framework, the users have the option of including both Bootstrap 3 as well as Angular framework to create HTML5 mobile apps. Angular UI is much like a core extension of Bootstrap 3; however, it does not depend on Bootstrap, JS, or jQuery. The framework utilizes fastclick.js and overthrow.js for providing smooth mobile experience to the users.

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Being an extension of HTML5 framework, Telerik Kendo UI is there for the developers for creating cross platform mobile applications. The framework heavily relies on jQuery and includes a number of jQuery based widgets. This open source framework has features like JavaScript framework.

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The framework is relatively new but it is challenging the existence of Ionic. Onsen UI is an open source framework and it is available under Apache license. For most of its UI components, Onsen UI utilizes Angular directives as well as topcoat framework. The best news about the framework is that it comes packed with jQuery based components.

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Intel XDK is a new and different framework in the pack, which has complete range of tools that are used for development, testing, emulation, debugging as well as publishing cross platform HTML5 hybrid apps. Intel XDK has open source JavaScript framework that is supported by Intel. The themes with application framework support Windows, Blackberry, Android etc.

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Being a mobile HTML5 JavaScript framework, The M Project is utilized for creating cross platform mobile web apps that are based on Backbone.js. The best news about this framework is that it easily integrates with PhoneGap to help in deploying the application. The framework is easy to use and helps in the fast development of the applications.

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Monaca is renowned as a commercial app (mobile) development platform having an extensive list of products that help in managing end to end app development life cycle. With a cloud base IDE to be utilized for creating hybrid mobile apps, the framework also helps in compiling and publishing multiple platforms using Cordova.

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Junior prides itself on being a front-end framework used for building HTML5 mobile apps. The apps developed with the use of this framework have a native look as well as feel. Junior is counted among one of the best frameworks as CSS3 transitions are optimized for mobile performance.

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Jo is basically an open source HTML5 mobile app framework that easily integrates with PhoneGap and Cordova as well for smooth app development. Being an open source framework, Jo is available for free to use. This framework can also help to change the look of the app with the help of CSS.

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This exceptional list of HTML5 frameworks consists of the most utilized tools for developing hybrid apps. As the mobile app development space is shifting rapidly towards HTML5 hybrid app development, these frameworks have made their prominent mark in the changing landscape. Using these exceptional framework promises to accomplish the app development with ease in addition to providing outstanding viewing experience to the users.

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